Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hall Pass & FREE 4 All

I am joining up with TWO linky Parties tonight. The first is my lastest favorite blog- All Things Upper Elementary. They are having another FREE FOR ALL linky. Click on the pic below to see all the awesome freebies for Grades 3-5

The FREE item I am sharing are my Dr. Suess posters. There are 3 posters included that highlight my favorite quotes from Dr. Suess. 

 I also wanted to share a website that has tons of bulletin board ideas for Read Across America. Click on the pic to take you there.

Next I am linking up with Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits for her Hall Pass linky. She is just so darn creative. If you haven't checked out her blog head over there RIGHT NOW!!!! Wait until you see her classroom. If I could I would move there now to put my son in her class.  You can get to her blog and see the other bloggers who have linked up by clicking on the Hall Pass

Product: My favorite product is so hard to decide. I'm going to have to go with it being a tie between my Owl Theme set and my Circus Theme Set. They are so cute. I love the graphics and hope that other teachers can use them in their classrooms.

Area: Well this year I do not have a classroom since I am a Reading Coach, but I will highlight my favorite spot in my room.  This is where I keep my professional resources for teacher check out. The books are kept in white bins that I found at the Dollar Store and added black and white ribbons to them.  The cabinets above have inspirational quotes about reading and/or writing. 

Signal: I don't really have a signal that I use right now, but I have a few classrooms where I use the Whole Brain teaching "Class? Yes!" signal. My favorite is "Classity Class? Yessity Yes!"  My son's teacher says "Peanut Butter?" and the kiddos respond "Jelly!"  I thought that was so cute. We actually have started using it at home.

Sanity: I am an EARLY riser.  I like to be up, showered and dressed at least an hour before I leave for work. That way I have plenty of time in the morning to catch up on the news and spend some time with my little guy. I have to be at work at 7:30 so I leave around 6:50, so I am usually always up by 5:00  So, my sanity is a BIG OLD VANILLA ICED COFFEE from McDonald's. I can't go without it!


  1. Looks like I hit publish before my last sentence. Quick fingers I guess! Happy Sunday and have a great week!

  2. Your blog is super cute!! We're your newest followers thanks to Fifth in the Middle's Blog by State linky party! =)We're Florida girls too!
    -Jackie and Danielle-
    Sister Teachers

    1. Hi Girls,
      Thanks for stopping by. One my way out the door to school but am stopping by this afternoon:) love the FL blogger linky!

  3. Hi Stacy!!
    I'm beginning to gather contact information from all of the Florida bloggers out there for a possible bloggy meet up this summer! If you'd like to be included, please email me back at .
    We'd love for you to be a part of this fun time!!
    Sister Teachers


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