Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Already Thinking Ahead!

Today was my 2nd day of summer, and I was officially back to work already!  I have the privilege of being a trainer for the Reading Department in our district and will be providing inservice to teachers on various topics throughout the summer. Today's training was for the teachers who will teach at our Extended School Year Summer Reading Camp. I had a FABULOUS co-trainer with me and wanted to give her a shout out since she is new to presenting. GREAT JOB, MICHELLE!!!!
Anyway... back to my point. The Summer Camp is designed for students who are considered below level in reading, and some teachers will be working with students from schools other than their own. Because time spent in text is directly related to reading achievement, we want our kiddos spending as much time as possible in purposeful independent reading this summer. We discussed establishing ground rules and expectations for this time and so of course, I got to thinking about establishing Independent Reading routines for next year.
I've worked with some great teachers who have become dear friends over the past few years, and together we built some outlines for Launching Shared Reading and also Independent Reading.  Check them out (see below) and send me your thoughts. What has worked for you? What are some of your go-to resources? Challenges? Successes?


  1. The shared reading one doesn't allow access to google docs, and the independent reading one doesn't take you anywhere. :)


  2. Thanks Shannon- the Shared on should work now. I'll take care of the other in the morning!

  3. That looks really great! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I can't wait to see the independent reading! I like the way you worded your week's focus. I know it seems obvious to us but sometimes kids just don't realize the simple things like "deep readers think." LOL


    1. Hi Sabra,
      The link should be working now for Ind. reading. I have found that grouping lessons together with a identified focus keeps me on target and helps the kids see the connections between the lessons!

  4. Hey Stacy,

    It's Beth from Thinking of Teaching! Could you add your email to the online schedule so I can email updates to all the co-hosts?

  5. Hi Beth-
    Just added my email. Not sure how I missed that column:)


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