Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Studies Galore

Talk about  a CRAZY week!!!! I have begun two book studies (The Daily Five and Guiding Readers) and am conducting reading workshops for teachers new to our district. While I wonder where my time is coming from, it is absolutely time well spent.

I am sooooo excited to work with my primary teachers in implementing the Daily Five and the online conversation we are having is awesome.  I'm going to be planning a Make and Take day for us to work together and create some of the tools we will need for implementation.  We may even have a new book study member. I walked into my family room this evening and found Frankie "reading" the Daily Five. 

But, I am LOVING the Guiding Readers book study.


I spend all of my time at work focusing on Reading and this book has confirmed so many ideas for me, but has also challenged some preconceptions I have has as well. Misty at Think, Wonder & Teach hosted our Chapter 1 discussion and here are some highlights that have stood out for me:

  • Skills and strategies can be reinforced in "easier" text.
  • If we work work with text within the 90/10%, they may need to spend to much time attending to the text that they will have an tremendous amount of difficulty understanding. Think about it. If a page of text has 200 words, that is 20 words they will have a difficult time reading. That already sets them up for difficulty! (That was definitely an eye opener for me)
  • We should "visit" a text three times (in 3 different guided reading lessons) in order to develop deep understanding and skill implementation. This piece reminded of the work we are doing in our district with "close reading" and the idea that we re-visit and re-read text for different purposes in order to develop a deep understanding.
  • Finally....the most enjoyable piece to me was comparing "just right books" to "standing on your tip-toes."  You have to work hard to get at it, but with enough perseverance you will get there!
Head on over to Misty's blog for her take on Chapter 1 and to join in the fun, and check back next Monday when I host Chapter 2:)


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