Monday, September 17, 2012

A Few New Things....

As much as the start to a new school is an overwhelming time for me, I can say that it has been even more of an overwhelming experience for a few of my teacher friends. Due to low enrollment at our school, we lost 3 teacher units, however our Kindergarten numbers are booming and so we added a 6th Kindergarten class. One of my intermediate teacher friends has taken the leap and is going to be teaching Kindergarten after years in 5th and a few weeks in 3rd. 
To help her in getting her new room ready, she asked that I make her a few posters. So I did, and I've listed in my Teacher's Notebook store. Click on any of the pics to take you there.

And don't forget to enter Latoya's Give Away at Flying into First. There are only 5 days left to win a huge lot of prizes.  Tell her I sent you!

Have a great week!


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