Thursday, September 6, 2012

IPod-Touch Report & 1 Day Left

I am sooooo EXCITED about my newest product. We are focusing this month on our Reading standards that address Character, Theme, Plot, and Author's Purpose. I wanted to provide the teachers with an independent task that their children could complete regardless of the fiction book they were reading during independent time.
I was inspired by Kristin's (Ladybugs Teacher Files) All APPout Me first day activity, and wanted to do something that would hook the kids- they sure do love their touch screens.
Here is what I came up with:
There is another full page of questions for the rest of the "apps". I added this file to my TN store for just  $2.50  But , the FIRST 3 people to comment will get it FREE!  Click the image below to go to my TN store:)

Speaking of FREE.....just one day left to my 100+Follower Give Away. Click the image below to go to the rafflecopter. Good Luck.  It's Friday tomorrow.....YAY!!!!!


  1. Cute! Would love a copy!

  2. Very cute to engage them! :)


  3. Thanks Ladies- Im sending the file over to you now:) Have a great weekend


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