Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Sneak Peek and a FREEBIE!

Not much time to blog tonight. I'm busy printing some of the posters that I've made for my "Reading Coach office."  I'm heading into school tomorrow morning for a few hours before a training in the afternoon. Then I have two days of work with the Charles A. Dana Center from the University of Texas at Austin. My principal was one of four chosen to attend a series of four 2 day trainings to work with the Dana Center and key people from our district on implementing the change needed to prepare teachers and students for the rigor of the Common Core and the PARCC assessments. Each of the four principals were ask to select two members of their school team to be part of this leadership cadre with them and I am so excited to have been chosen along with our Math Coach.

I'll be sure to blog about our work later in the week, but right now I want to give you a sneak peek on what I have been working on as well as a FREEBIE!!!!

Here is your sneak peek...... I'll blog more about it tomorrow and will have it available in my Teacher's Notebook store:)

And now for your FREEBIE....
I just love to hear, read and listen to quotes about teachers, teaching, name it.  So as I was planning my new work space (which I hope will serve as a mini-training and meeting are for our teachers) I thought I'd love to have some of these quotes posted around for a little bit of inspiration. As I'm sure you have seen by now my theme is Black, White and Yellow.  It started out as just polka-dots but I found lovely digital paper from Print Candee and couldn't resist.  So if you would like a little inspiration too, click on the picture for your FREE download. Please show me some lovin' and add my store to your fav's.

Have a WONDERFUL week!


  1. Thanks for the quote freebies!! I want an area of my classroom to be a quote area, so this is perfect. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I'm glad you like it. Seems like sometimes we spend so much energy inspiring our students that we forget about finding our own inspiration!


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