Friday, August 3, 2012


Freebie FridaysIt's Friday again, and so that means that I am linking up again with Teaching Blog Addict for this week's freebie. This week we met as a leadership team and school and one of the topics for discussion was positive behavior and classroom management. I remembered all of the pictures I saw pinned on Pinterest (remember, I'm obsessed) and shared the Behavior Management chart system that seems to be much more realistic and effective than the red, yellow, green card system which I used to use. I really appreciated the idea that we call come in "ready to learn" and have to earn the highest spot on the chart. Unlike when we use colors, everyone starts on green without accomplishing anything to get there other than coming to class ready to learn. I'm left wondering did this system allow for me to highlight those that went above an beyond.
A few days ago I downloaded this behavior chart for FREE from  Misty at 3rd Grade is Hoot! Be sure to check out her website- she has an ADORABLE Owl theme pack, an even cuter Cupcake theme pack and a super cool Superhero theme pack.

When I shared this idea with a friend she wanted one for her Hollywood Themed classroom- well actually its more of a red/black theme with some Hollywood touches. So that brings me to today's FREEBIE. Here is a copy of my Red/Black version of the chart. I hope you enjoy it- let me know your thoughts.
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    1. Thanks Annie. Boy have I been keeping my fingers crossed for your raffles!!!


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