Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Exhausted!

Well folks, I have been back to school for just 2 days and I am officially exhausted!  I am so excited though for the upcoming year. The best news came when I found out that we were able to hire a second reading coach. YAY!!! Our teachers and students deserve more time than I was able to devote when it was just me.
Tomorrow I am presenting a 7 hour training on CCSS ELA standard #10- dealing with Text Complexity. Boy is it going to get heavy...but I know we will have a wonderful learning experience.
I'm curious to hear from those of you implementing common core about how you chose text to use in your reading classes to fit the rigor of ELA Standard #10.  So, if you have any thoughts or comments, please, please do leave them!

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  1. I am already exhausted too but hang in there! I'm glad I found your blog because I'll be a literacy specialist this year and love finding new resources. I am your newest follower. Also, I have nominated you for a few awards so stop by my blog sometime to pick them up.

    Enchanted with Technology


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